“Hussain, The International Love” Mowkeb

As we get nearer to Arbaeen, people gradually start their walk from Najaf to Karbala. Along the way there are many mawkebs (tents or establishments erected by people who wish to serve pilgrims of Imam Hussain, and provide them with resting places and refreshments.) We are glad to announce that “Hussain, The International Love” campaign’s mawkeb will be stationed at column […]

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“Hussain, The International Love” campaign programs

We will be stationed in the path between Najaf to Karbala with these programs: 1- Radio Arbaeen: 4 interview-based podcasts, each being 15 minutes, everyday. Suitable for use in websites. 2- Live broadcasting of the Arbaeen walk, using CCTV. 3- Picture gallery: Submit your picture file, and see them in the picture gallery. 4- Interview with pilgrims from other countries. […]

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