Many years ago, a man who was plagued from trampling the truth by the oppressors, couldn’t stop himself from not seeing the cruelty and injustice of the governor. And with all of his material and spiritual’s capital and with his own wife and children revolted for reviving the truth. And scarified all he had, martyred and by his martyrdom made the truth owe him forever, therefor every free man in the world should know that attaining the truth and justice has a daunting pay, and to pay this cost is not anybody’ job.
And Hossein was the god’s last prophet’s child on earth. After 1400 years past of his martyrdom and his fellows, all the libertarians of the world and his lovers try to keep his memories alive each year. And on special occasions in particular, will commemorate him by holding special ceremonies. They believe that in today’s world with all its injustice, oppression and aggression, the only way to salvation is to follow his way and method and that is forgiveness and self-sacrifice with all their existence.
The Hossein International Love campaign along with lover’s roaring sea and people based organizations, tries by identifying the lovers of this global character, in addition to developing the human network of his contacts and justice seekers, by producing and distributing media and art works in this network, proceed to developing a true recognition and also a global preparation for reviving the truth and justice in this cruel and oppressed world.
Hossein The International love campaign is a mere people based organization with no relation to neither state nor any governmental institutions in the world. And all its members constitute from Hossein’s (AS) lovers from all around the world.
Hossein The International love campaign for implementing its plans which are offered by its members, tries to collect public donations.