About Us

Many years ago, a man who could not come to terms with the truth being trampled by oppressors, did not bow in servitude to the demands of the cruel and unjust caliph. Thus, began one of the most important epics in history.

This man, Imam Hussain, sacrificed everything he had, his own life, his family and children, for reviving righteousness. His heart-wrenching martyrdom and the pain he endured for the sake of the truth, have made “the truth” itself indebted to him forever. Therefore, all free and honorable people, anywhere and anytime, should know that attaining the truth and justice has a hefty price, and not anyone can pay.

Muhammad was God’s final prophet, and Hussain was his beloved grandson. The earth would see no other like him. Now, even after 1400 years past his martyrdom, honorable and free people from all across the globe fall in love with him, and try to keep his memory alive. Every year, on the special occasions of Ashura and Arbaeen in particular, his legion of lovers will commemorate him by holding ceremonies. They believe that in today’s world with all its injustice, oppression and aggression, the only way to salvation is to follow his example of selflessly sacrificing everything for the truth.

This is where the “Hussain The International Love” campaign comes in. This non-profit organization tries to introduce Hussain’s enchanting character to the world, so that everyone can learn from him. In addition to developing the human network of justice seekers, the campaign aims to help revive righteousness and justice in this cruel and oppressed world, through the production and distribution of media and art.

“Hussain The International Love” campaign is an NGO with no dependence on any state or governmental institution. All it takes to become a member is a truth-seeking heart, and love for Hussain (AS).