Statement of Ahlulbayt World Assembly on condemning Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

(AhlulBayt News Agency) – Ahlulbayt World Assembly has issued a statement on condemning Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital
In the Name of God

“Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from Masjid-ul-Haram (Mecca) to Masjid al-Aqsa (in Jerusalem) – whose surroundings We have blessed – to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.”

(Surah Al-Isra: Verse 1)

U.S. President Donald Trump declared the holy Quds in Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist occupying regime in an impudent attempt, and ordered his administration to make the arrangements for transferring the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to this holy city!

This command – which, like many of other commands of this person, has no rational basis – has provoked not only the protests of Muslims worldwide, but also criticisms and objections of the friends of the United States.

Also, the religious feelings of all monotheists and freethinkers around the world – including the followers of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other religions – was hurt because of this vivid blasphemous approach towards human values and international laws.

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly, as an international body of Muslim elites from more than 120 countries, while emphasizing on the fact that “Jerusalem al-Quds belongs to Palestine and will remain an indivisible part of Palestine”, draws the attention of people all over the world to the following points:

1. All followers of Abrahamic religions in general, and Muslims in particular, must continue to protest until the abolition of this declaration, which is a gross blasphemy against the divine sacrosanct sites.

2. Today, it is incumbent upon every Muslim to lend a hand to this great global campaign by participating in protest demonstrations and gatherings as well as providing material and spiritual supports for the oppressed Palestinians.

3. The responsibility of Muslim scholars, muftis, writers, lecturers, Imams of mosques and outstanding personalities is even heavier than that. They must demonstrate their opposition to this foolish act by issuing statements, delivering enlightening speeches, producing scholastic and media contents, setting up protest rallies, and holding conferences.

4. Now that this satanic command has brought about the convergence of the people and governments of all Islamic countries and has caused them to temporarily set aside their differences, it would be much necessary to take formal and international measures collaboratively to repeal this U.S. resolution; and to show the world that the issue of Jerusalem and Palestine is a matter that the Muslims of the world do not have any disagreement about.

5. The U.S. government and its Zionist partners must have understood that the issue of Palestine is not a negotiable issue. They should also understand that the disturbed dream of turning the holy Jerusalem to a Zionist area will not come true. As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khamenei predicted, there would be no country called Israel before the interpretation of such dreams will ever come true.

6. Muslims throughout the globe – both governments and nations – should also pay attention to the fact that if the Islamic World fails in this incident and the American statesmen succeed to undermine the sanctity of Jerusalem, then other Islamic sanctuaries will not be immune from invasion. Therefore, we must resist against this conspiracy to the last drop of our blood and even sacrifice our souls for this high ambition.

7. And a final word addressed to the American people and intellectuals: such inhuman behaviors and non-standard acts issued by your government will turn your country to a most secluded and hated one in the eyes of the general public.

In the end, we once again emphasize that, “Jerusalem will remain an integral part of Palestine’ with the unity of Muslim nations, and the Zionists will not be resuscitated through Trump’s artificial respiration.

The Ahlulbayt(a.s.) World Assembly
08 December 2017


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