The youngets martyr

Ali Asghar (AS), is the youngest son of Imam Hussain (AS). He was born in Medina just a few weeks before his father move to Mecca and from there to Karbala. When Imam Hussain (AS) arrived at Karbala, he was only six months. His mother Bibi Rubab (daughter of the chief of Al-Qeys tribe) and his sister Sokayne were also with him.
Imam Hussain (AS) took his youngest son, daughter and his family as well with himself, to show the world that he does not want war, but only he demanded peace.
In the seventh day of Moharram, Yazid’s army prevented Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions to take water from Euphrates River. On the 10th of Moharram (three days later), Ali Asghar was very thirsty then. His father, Imam Hussain (AS) took permission from his mother Rubab to take him out and quench the thirst of the infant. When he brought him to the enemy, they denied giving water; on the contrary, Harmalah from Yazid’s army threw an arrow to Ali Asghar. The arrow descended on the infant’s throat. Six-month baby martyred by three-prong arrow of Harmalah and became the youngest martyr in Karbala.

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