Martyrdom of Imam Baqir AS

Martyrdom of Imam Baqir AS
Regarding some historical facts a poison smeared saddle caused Imam Baqir’s martyrdom.
Based on some other historical recounts Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik was who caused Imam Baqir’s martyrdom.
Hisham’s caliphate was since 105AH till 125AH and based on historians documents the latest date of Imam Baqir’s martyrdom is 118AH therefore undoubtedly Imam’s martyrdom was in Hisham’s caliphate period of time.
Regarding harsh and bad manner of Hisham with Imam Baqir and Bani Umyyad’s clear enmity with Ahlolbait, Hisham had strong reasons to kill Imam Baqir even covertly.
Hisham used his men to achieve his conspiracy. He appointed Ibrahim ibn Valid who was one the enemies of Ahlolbait for this purpose. He tried to make connections with a person who is intimate in Imam Baqir’s family that he can enter in Imam’s house and actualize Hisham’s devilish intention.
Imam baqir AS martyred in this way and reposed beside his father, Imam Sajjad AS and his uncle Imam Hassan ibn Ali AS in Baqi’ cemetery.

Imam Hussein AS International Campaign solaces this day to all followers of Ahlolbait and Shiites and asks merciful God to help us benefit blessing of Ahlolbait.

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