A brief of Imam Muhammad ibn A’li ibn Musa’s biography


A brief of Imam Muhammad ibn A’li ibn Musa’s biography

Imam Muhammad ibn A’li ibn Musa is also called Jawad (the generous) Taqi (the pious) and his nickname was Abu Ja’far. He was born on 10 Rajab 195 AH in Medina. His father was Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha eighth Imam of Shiites and his mother’s name was Kheyzaran.
Imam Taqi was chose as Imam on 203 AH, after his father Imam Ridha martyred; he was eight years old in that day. Ma’mun the seventh caliph of Abbasid Empire after martyrdom of Imam Ridha tried to soothe Imam Taqi by asking him to marry his daughter (Omme fadhl).
His mother’s name was Sabkieh, Sokaine or Marsie that Imam Ridha changed her name and called her Khezaran. She was from province Nobeh and a member of Marie Qebtie family who she was mother of Prophet Muhammad’s son (Ibrahim) and one of the greatest women of history.
Imam Taqi’s Imamate period was since Imam Ridha’s martyrdom till Dhul Qa’dah 220 when he was poisoned and martyred; this period was about 16 year.

Mo’tasim, Abbasid caliph and Ja’far (Ma’mun’s son) injected poison to grape and sent this for Omme Fadhl. She put that in a bowl and touted about the poisoned grape. Finally Imam Taqi ate the grape and after a short while he felt effects of poisoning in his body. At that moment Omme Fadhl repented and cried. Imam Taqi said to her: why are you crying?! You can change nothing by crying. I am telling you, because of this crime you will be affected by a disease which never cures, and you will affected by poverty that never compensates. After Imam Taqi’s martyrdom, Omme Fadhl affected a disease which she spent all of her wealth to cure it but it didn’t work and she died in a miserable way. Her brother Ja’far fell in a well while he was drunk and his corps was taken out of there.
Imam Taqi’s holy shrine is in Baghdad beside his grandfather’s shrine which nowadays is known as Al Kadhimayn.
Imam Hussein sa International Campaign solaces this day to all followers of Ahlolbait and Shiites and asks merciful God to help us benefit blessing of Ahlolbait.

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