On the eve of Imam Reza’s (SA) Birthday

On the eve of Imam Reza’s (SA) Birthday

O imam Reza, on your birthday, Khorasan is dearest place on Earth, the perfume finds its way through sky and inhabitants of heaven show each other illumination of the city which a sun is shining there all days and nights.
Imam Reza sa was born 29 December765 (11 Dhu al-qi’dah 148 AH) in Medina, his great father was seventh imam, Musa al-kadhim sa and his mother was a lady who was named Ummul Banin, Najmah and Toktam. She was called by all of these three names.
This honorable lady was a woman who God has chosen her as wife of imam Kadhim and blessed mother of Imam Reza sa.

Allameh Majlesi narrates in Bihar al-Anwar books volume 49/7:
Najmah was a bondwoman who Hamidah, Imam Reza’s mother bought her; she say’s I dreamed Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he said to me O Hamidah! This Najmah is for your son, very soon one the best (men) of the Earth will born by her.  Then I granted her to Musa ibn Ja’far; when Reza was born I called Najmah, Ta’hirah.

Imam Hussein International Campaign congratulates birthday of Imam Reza, and wishing in this holy day benefiting blessings of Ahlolbait.

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