Happy girl’s day and birthday of Karima Ahlolbait

Happy girl’s day and birthday of Karima Ahlolbait

Fatima Masumeh sa was born in 173 AH in Medina and was grown in a home which a father like Imam Kadhim sa and a brother like Imam Reza sa were living in.
She was trained in purity and faith and her soul was completed in modesty, knowledge and wisdom. Holy Prophet, Imam Ali and Fatima Zahra sa were her lineage. Her paternal ancestor was Imam Hussein sa and her maternal ancestor was imam Hassan sa.
Worship of God and chastity were beauties of this great girl.

Fatima Masumeh because of her personal attitudes and her nice manners was called Karima Ahlolbait (munificent of Ahlolbait), this name was specifically allocated to her Excellency. Because of the blessing of this lady, her birthday is named as girl’s day.
Imam Hussein international campaign congratulates this auspicious day to lovers of Ahlolbait particularly to all girls in all around the world.

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