The Arbaeen Walk and the Philosophy behind

Every year in Arbaeen millions of people walk towards the Karbala. They do this to show their love for Imam Husayn (a), his family and companions and to pay allegiance to them.


This walk symbolizes that we are ready to walk on path of Husayn (a) in our lives, in our lands. Because every land is Karbala. Every moment in my life there is a battle between truth and falsehood. With each step I take in this walk towards Karbala on Arbaeen I desire to defeat falsehood that exists within and outside me. I walk to reform myself and the society. I walk to be a part of the army of Imam Mahdi (a).

In this walk we give this message to the entire world that wherever we are, in whichever land we are, we will work hard to serve Imam Husayn’s (a) mission of spreading truth and justice. We will always be present wherever there is oppression to support the oppressed and oppose the oppressors. We will never submit to humiliation and disgrace. We will always remain free men.

1400 Years Ago, our Master Husayn (a) standing alone in the battlefield of Karbala cried out for help. No one answered his call that day. But today millions of voice are calling out, “Labbayk Ya Husayn”.

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