“Hussain United Us” With children in Arbaeen Walk



The circle “Hussain United Us” was shaped by some art students in muharram 1394. The aim of this group was to produce cultural-artistic products materials containing Hussaini values and virtues for world’s children. Regarding this, the first products of this group has been Pixel collection of Hussain’s (AS) children that for the first time was given to the children on the Walk between Najaf and Karbala; where the group received positive feedbacks.

In order to achieve the goals, implementing the plans and specializing members’ activities, this group benefits from various working groups such as Art Working Group, Photo and Documentary Working Group, Product and Market Working Group, Research Working Group, international Relation working Group and some other working groups.

Goals of “Hussain United Us” group are as followings:

  1. Advertising and introducing Imam Hussain (AS) and Islamic world
  2. Friendship and unity among all world’s children
  3. Upbringing a generation that will prepare the world for Imam Mahdi (AS) arrival

Group’s plan is also directed according to four topics:

  1. Getting in touch with the related organizations whose area of work is Imam Hussain (AS), children, Muslims, and culture and art,
  2. Creating an international network of Imam Hussain’s (AS) children
  3. Producing advertisement and upbringing materials
  4. Products related to media

The main audiences are children. There are some reasons to make this choice; children have pure souls and are God seekers. This made it possible for us to pursue our international goals.

In this year also Hussain United Us group will be present in Arbaeen Walk in Hussain, The International Love’s mowkeb to offer its facilities to the children who attend the Walk.

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