Short sermon by Imam Hussain (AS) about the world and the religion on the way to karbala

On his way to Karbala, in a short sermon, Imam Hussain (AS) said: Verily the world has changed and has become unfamiliar, there is a bit of goodness left like a bit of food at the bottom of a dish, and that is also a low kind of living like a dangerous and difficult pasture. Can’t you see that they do not act justly, and do not abandon unjust? In such condition it is appropriate that Muslims to be eager to meet Allah (SWT), martyrdom, and closeness to God.

I also see death and martyrdom as prosperity, and living with oppressors as shame and degradation. Truly most of the people are slaves of the world, gold, and wealth; and the religion is on their tongues, and the shake of their tongues, and it is like saliva floating on their tongues. They want religion as long as their worldly livelihood is maintained, but when they are tested with calamities in the way of religion, the real believers are very few [1].

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