Whats the “Hussain international love” campaign aim?

Our main goal of this social campaign is to build a network of International visitors with the help of Arbaeen opportunity to make first contact for further mutual art and media activities and sharing related content after the Arbaeen. Other activities include giving media support to media and art activists and also the media and preachers believing the Islamic Revolution Discourse, giving multilingual media and art support to international visitors and supporting international media coverage from this phenomena.


This campaign is based upon these three assumptions:

Frist Assumption: Members of the art and media society believing in Islamic Revolution Discourse will take part in Arbaeen from all over the world.

Second Assumption: We can communicate with international art and media people from around the world during Arbaeen.

Third Assumption: Because of our mutual point of view, the contacts we make during Arbaeen can be used later in mutual international works in media and art.

We successfully covered these 3 assumptions during Arbaeen in 2014 and 2015 and this gave us incentive to broaden our activities.

Our work until now

  10 months has passed since we started this campaign and during these months we could make contact to build the mentioned network with the main activity being setting up “Hussein, The International Love” moukeb during Arbaeen in 2015.

Other works of this movement include:

  1. Developing and launching trilingual website ilovehussain.com in English, Arabic and Urdu.
  2. Active presence on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc
  3. Providing membership on website and sending out news and related content of the campaign.
  4. Sending out regular emails to contacts and coordinating meetings with some of them.logo

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