Yemen has lit up the fire of Resistance under the feet of the Tyrants

A year after Asir and Najran tribesmen defected from Saudi Arabia by pledging their loyalty to Sheikh Abdel Malek al-Houthi – the only tribal and religious authority they have said to answer to, Yemen Resistance Movement has said to be in control of large swathes of lands.

It is important to note that the provinces of Asir, Najran, and Jizan technically belong to Yemen.

Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh conceded the aforementioned lands through the Taif and Jeddah borders agreements that were signed by the two countries in 2000. Since then Yemen Northern tribes have called for their territories to be mad whole again.

Today such calls have become actions under the banner of Yemen Resistance Movement.

If such developments have been censored from mainstream media as not to shine a light on Saudi Arabia’ s military humiliation by the hands of impoverished nation, silence does not take away from the truth.

Under unprecedented duress, and very much alone Yemen has lit up a fire which could soon burn bright at the very heart of Saudi Arabia.

The military bases which are located in the Western part of al-Rabou’a city were taken after intense clashes between the Yemeni and Saudi forces.

The images released after the operation showed the Saudi military men leaving their armored vehicles and fleeing the battlefield.

Also, the artillery units of the Yemeni army targeted the gathering centers of Saudi-affiliated militia at Koufel military base in Ma’rib which killed and wounded tens of them.

On Friday, Yemen’s long-range home-made missile dubbed as Borkan-1 (Volcano-1) hit deep inside Saudi Arabia in response to the kingdom’s massacre of civilians in the impoverished nation.

Borkan-1 has a range of 800 kilometers and is a new generation of Yemen’s domestically-made missiles, Yemen’s Defense Ministry announced in a statement on Friday.

The Yemeni defense ministry did not mention the exact location of the targets that Borkan-1 missile has hit.

It, however, said that the warhead of Barkan-1 missile has been designed to destroy the Saudi military base structure with respect to the materials used in their construction.

On Wednesday, the Yemeni army and popular forces hit the Saudi military positions in the kingdom’s Najran province with a Zalzal-3 ballistic missile in retaliation for the Saudi airstrikes on residential areas across Yemen.

The Yemeni missile attack inflicted heavy losses on the Saudi troops in Najran province.

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