Yemen’s millions march to begin Saturday

Just as Saudi Arabia resumes its brutal air campaign against this impoverished nation of southern Arabia, Yemenis are letting out a grand roar of Resistance against tyranny.

Ravaged and broken by 18 months of a vengeful military campaign Yemen has withstood the impossible. Today Yemen has risen a giant over several military superpowers, proof yet again that true bravery is found in the righteous plight of the oppressed.

“Fear the prayer of the oppressed”, reads the holy Quran. Riyadh should heed God’s warning as today the oppressed have marched onto the tyrants, together a torrent and a majestic tide.

Millions are expected to flood the streets of the Yemeni capitlal this Saturday to proclaim and once more seal their pledge to the Republic. From all political persuasions, all faiths, and all walks of life Yemen has rallied around its flag, a nation united under God – a nation in resistance, a nation sovereign in its lands and under its skies.

Yemen’s roar this Saturday will shake Riyadh seat of power – there … from behind their walls and the security of their wealth the oppressed shall let out their prayers. Who will deny them then?

Who will ever deny Yemen when it is Freedom its heart is crying out for?


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