Pakistan’s former PM meets MWM leader ‘Allama Jafri’ at his hunger strike camp in Islamabad

Pakistan Muslim League –Q (PML-Q) leader and former Prime Minister Pakistan Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain met Majlis Wahdat ul Muslimeen leader Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri at his hunger strike camp the other day in Islamabad. The two discussed on bilateral issues and prevailing situation in Pakistan.

They commented on the government attitude towards the masses to be atrocious and that they should take heed.

At this instance, Allama Raja Nasir informed PML-Q’s leader of the vindictive nature this current regime has taken against Shiites across Pakistan. He said it’s ghastly that government department offices are situated not a kilometer away from where our protest camp is, yet no single government official has come forth.

Various religious and political parties have come to pledge support, he said, but none from the States’ departments. Should this continue, there seems no reason for the masses to have faith in these Departments.

Chaudhry Shuja’at, while addressing media, said that government has an understanding of the issues but wishes to party to it. He condemned this democracy where masses are being subjugated.

He claimed high time for all parties, requesting to resolve their differences and stand together for the sovereignty of this country, which he considered is at stake.

While emphasizing on the issue, he said, “Should it require, I will personally to go them for a united front against his regime.”

He commended the efforts of Allama Raja Nasir Abbas not only for his own faction but for the whole of Pakistani Nation.

In response to the nationwide protest of July 22, he said that they stand with Allama Raja Nasir and his cause. On MWM’s call we will respond.

Allama Raja Nasir Jafri thanked Chaudhry Shuja’at on his arrival and exclaimed to have given strength to his voice. He said regime of the masses has no value for the masses itself. Disorder prevails than law and order in this government. State is terrorizing innocent people which the shia nation will resist on July 22 by protesting on main highways in Pakistan. He said that they will not take the law in their hands but use their democratic right to protest against the atrocities of the government.

At this occasion former Provincial Minister of Law Raja Basharat, MWM central leader Allama Hasan Zafar, Syed Nasir Shirazi, Syed Asad Naqvi, Malik Iqrar Hussain, Allama Asghar Askari and others were present.

source: AhlulBayt News Agency

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