The “Dust Lane” (graphic motion)





Dust Lane is the sixth studio album by Yann Tiersen. Tiersen himself describes the record as “not a sad thing, but a colourful thing – an experience sometimes painful, but also joyful.”[3]

The album was two years in the making and was largely recorded at Everything’s Calm Studio I in Ushant with further parts recorded at Studio II in Paris and in the Philippines. It was mixed at The Chairworks in Morrison Street, Castleford, near Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, mastered at AIR Studios in London. Dust Lane, which took its title partly from the image of the dirt road going into Gaza, is permeated with the theme of mortality. During the recording sessions Tiersen lost his mother and a close friend. The recordings started out as simple song based tracks with Tiersen playing acoustic guitar, mandolin and bouzouki. New layers were added to the recordings creating a more complex sound. Then an array of vintage synthesisers and electric guitars were added to create further textures.[4] The album was released through Mute Records in Europe and ANTI- Records in North America on 11 October 2010 in CD and LP formats. The record was promoted by a tour that started from New York in October 2010.


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