Thank You for Visiting Our Mowkeb

Thanks to Allah and with blessings of Imam Hussain (as) we were able to successfully establish the “Hussain, the International Love” mowkeb in the path between Najaf to Karbala, during the Arbaeen walk of 2015. We want to say a big thank you to all the kind people who visited us in the mowkeb, let us take their picture, or helped us in any way.

While the Arbaeen 2015 has come and gone, our job is far from finished. We will continue to update this site, post images on our Instagram page, here and Facebook, compile the information from the contact cards you filled in our mowkeb and continue this communication.

Meanwhile if you have ideas for “Hussain, the International Love” campaign, please send them to us using this form.

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