Walking Guide – Part 1

Total Distance 80 Km
Total Number of Poles 1452 Poles
Distance Between Each Poles 50 meters [20 Poles = 1 Km]
Approx. Walking Time Required 16 to 23 hours
Estimated Time to Reach the Destination 2-3 Days
Preferred Start Time 16th Safar [29th November, 2015] – After Fajr – 6:45 AM
Expected Completion Time (InshaAllah) 18th Safar [1st December, 2015] – Dhuhr – 12 PM
Who Can Do This? Anyone (Male/Female/Families)



Take an Exit from Imam Ali (A.S) Haram from Bab-e-Tousi (Opposite to Bab-e-Qibla) and start walking straight on Shahra-e-Tousi – After about 500 meters, Wadi-us-Salam Cemetry will start – Keep walking straight and you will eventually get to the Highway (on the right), turn left, where hundreds of thousands of people will be walking towards Karbala – Join them and you will reach the Haram of Hazrat Abbas (A.S) after about 70 Km at Pole # 1452.

Landmarks (Poles) – Pole Numbers are mentioned along the road from Najaf to Karbala on every Pole:
Poles Starts After 10 Km.
Pole # 1 Ministry Office on Left side of the Road
Pole # 345 Concrete Walls – Temporary Checkpost
Pole # 578 City of Haidariya – Haidariya Hospital
Pole # 647 Proper Permanent Washrooms
Pole # 960 Large Checkposts
Pole # 1183 Checkpost
Pole # 1237 Imam Ali (A.S) City – Washrooms, Mosque, Rest Area etc.
Pole # 1252 Ministry of Import/Export – Office
Pole # 1285 Checking Checkpost – Entrance of Karbala
Pole # 1294 [Optional Shortcut] Turn Right – After about 4.5 Km (New 1-100 Poles on this Route) – Original Poles will again start from 1407
Pole # 1407 First Sight to Roza-e-Hazrat Abbas (A.S) – People who Have Turn Right at 1294 will Join here (Note: Remove your Shoes in Respect to Haram)
Pole # 1452 End of Poles
25 Meters Bab-e-Qibla – Roza-e-Hazrat Abbas (A.S)

Recommended Stops/Milestones:

  • Keep on walking until the poles start – Preferably don’t stop before the poles’ starts.
  • Try to spend the 1st Night in any Moukkab somewhere between Pole # 350 to 500. Only walk as much as your body allows you, don’t overstretch yourself! Every body is different from the other!
  • Try to spend the 2nd Night in any Moukkab somewhere between Pole # 900 to 1100.
  • You should take stops after every 100/200 or so poles to re-group with family/friends and take a rest of 10-15 minutes to allow your muscles to ease up.

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