“Hussain, The International Love” campaign programs

We will be stationed in the path between Najaf to Karbala with these programs:

1- Radio Arbaeen: 4 interview-based podcasts, each being 15 minutes, everyday. Suitable for use in websites.

2- Live broadcasting of the Arbaeen walk, using CCTV.

3- Picture gallery: Submit your picture file, and see them in the picture gallery.

4- Interview with pilgrims from other countries.

5- Activating the campaign site

And other programs.

If you have any other ideas, please share them with us using the comment form bellow, or email us at: info [at] ilovehussain [dot] com


  • Zawar Reza Hussain

    Salam I’m Pakistan u take my pic in mashi way of Karbala. I want my pic can you send me in my email ?

    • Country: Pakistan

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